Do you need someone to meet your customers or guests from the airport? Do you want someone to take them from a convenient place without having to deal with the problems and stress of traffic, taxis, or another shift to get to the final point of their journey? Our highly skilled drivers will save them all, giving them the opportunity to travel comfortably, using rest time or fruitful work.

Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and mileage you have to travel. In our price offer we include the rent of the car for the period you have chosen, the necessary fuel for your trip, road or motorway taxes and VAT

Destination  Price
Burgas - Sofia 290 € 
Burgas - Plovdiv 195 €
Burgas - Ruse

185 €

Burgas - Varna 100 €
Burgas - Pamporovo 235 €
Burgas - Borovets 280 €
Burgas - Bansko 300 €
Burgas - Veliko Tarnovo 165 €
Burgas - Stara Zagora 135 €
Burgas - Asenovgrad 190 €
Burgas - Velingrad 260 €
Burgas - Nesebar 45 €
Burgas - Sozopol 45 €
Burgas - Tsarevo

65 €

Burgas - Kiten 65 €
Burgas - Primorsko 50 €
Burgas - Pomorie 25 €
Burgas - Sarafovo 20 €

Rental cars

Promenade Tours can provide you with the right rental car at a reasonable price and deliver it to your exact location to take care of your convenience.

We offer different delivery options, but all deliveries must be discussed with us in advance and confirmed by us. In some cases, additional charges apply, but they will be announced in advance. It is an important requirement when the driver is to be recruited to leave the main driver, to submit his documents in the original (a valid driver's license, a coupon if issued by the Republic of Bulgaria, a passport or other identity document) and the documents of the additional drivers , if available. Additional conditions or restrictions may apply. For additional questions, please contact us on the listed phones.

Car rental with driver

When you need a car with a driver, we will take care of you so that you can take care of your business! Responding to your personal safety, accuracy and complete travel comfort, we at Promenade Tours will provide you not just a driving service, but your special attitude!

Additional extras

For the convenience of the customer, "Promenade Tours" offers a wide range of extras and additional services. They are paid separately and need to be requested in advance when making your reservation.

  • GPS navigation - To make it much easier for you on your trip, Promenade Tours offers you extra GPS navigation. With our compact size and equipped with the most detailed maps for Bulgaria and abroad, our navigation will be your indispensable helper.
  • Child seat - we're ready to provide a safe and comfortable trip for your children as well. You need only claim the category of chair that you need, according to the weight of the child.
  • Snow chains - If you have planned your car rental during the winter season in Bulgaria or abroad, in order not to surprise you with the snow unprepared, Promenade Tours recommends you as an extra addition to add snow chains that will facilitate your trip winter conditions.
  • Additional luggage compartment - When planning your car rental and needing more space for your luggage, we offer you extra extraordinary carboats with excellent aerodynamics.
  • Escort of children

Children escort

Promenade Tours offers you a private driver for your child for a day, week or month on a pre-arranged route in Burgas:

  • from home to school and vice versa
  • from school to workout or lesson and vice versa
  • from other points in Burgas wish of the client
For 2 hours  For 4 hours  For 6 hours For month
40 lv. / 2 h. 60 lv. / 4 h.  75 lv. / 6 h. 100 lv./  mon - fri

Personal driver

Personal driver Personal driver Personal driver
Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle


 Within city of Burgas Within city of Burgas Within city of Burgas Within city of Burgas
Phone notification Phone notification Phone notification Phone notification
Gas included Gas included Gas included Gas included

Insurance and Vehicle Services

The Promenade Tours team offers you vehicle, property and medical insurance. Consultation on the conclusion of vehicle insurance, car insurance, civil liability, green card, property insurance and medical insurance when traveling abroad.

Insurer inspectation

20 lv. / transport service

Transportation when needed

 VIP Transport

Hiring a car with a driver is an excellent choice for people who need to travel comfortably and quickly, taking advantage of the time they travel, concentrating on their work. Here you have the opportunity to rent a personal driver and car for your business meeting, special evening, prom or wedding.

Personal transport
For 4 hours

200 lv. / 4 hours

Personal driver



Technical Support

Even a planned change of oil or removal of another problem takes time and should not be delayed too long. If you need all this to be done, the Promenade Tours team will get your car repaired!

Technical Support
20 lv. / transport service

Transfer to service

Coordination of service
Transfer the car to your chosen location after service

Annual technical inspection

Promenade Tours will pass your car for a technical review, no matter what the circumstances. In case of mechanical or technical defects your Vehicle Promenade Tours can provide a replacement Vehicle, which ensures that you will safely reach the desired location.

Annual technical inspection
20 lv. / transport service



Car wash

Every time you get into your car with the words "I definitely need a car wash!", But as easy as it may seem, you still do not have time to wash and clean it. The Promenade Tours team is available and will take your car to your preferred car wash.

Car wash visit
12 lv. / transport service

Car wash by your choise

Perform ordered cleaning
Transfer the vehicle to a point

Seasonal change of tires

A new season has come - you have to change the tires and straighten the ripped wheels on your car? Our team is available and will take care of you for you!

Seasonal change of tires
30 lv. / transport service

Coordination of change

Transfer the vehicle to a point