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Давам съгласието си моите лични данни да бъдат обработвани, използвани и запаметявани съгласно ЗЗЛД. Ако е необходимо, данните могат да бъдат препратени на други фирми. Моите данни ще бъдат използвани, за да ми изпращат промоции и актуални новини за продукти. Известно ми е, че имам право да бъда забравен и да забраня запаметяването, обработката, използването на моите лични данни по всяко време на В този случай моите данни веднага ще бъдат изтрити или блокирани. Прочетох общите условия и се съгласявам с тях!

Promenade Tours


There is a certain luxury that does not need to be encouraged. This applies not only to the service, but also to the style. The luxury Mercedes GLC gives a new definition of a modern and promising form of exclusive travel experience. Discover the progress that today answers tomorrow's questions. Approach luxury, which combines a fascinating presence and subtle discretion. Enjoy our cars with a brand known for their highly valued attitude to your customers, and an experience that simply does not meet your expectations, but wins them over and over.

You know exactly what you want, and we can help you with this.

Promenade Tours

Why us?

„Promenade Tours“ guarantees only the best cars for rent, as well as the best transportation and transfer services!


Reach your destination comfortably, safely and pleasantly with „Promenade Tours“ transfers.


Enjoy the sensation of driving one of our high class car rentals.

Rent a car with a driver

Feel the pleasure of traveling with style with your own driver.

Convenient for lots of luggage

„Promenade Tours“ offers adding some extra storage space to your rental car. This service is available for some of our cars only.

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